John le Carré (3)

George Smiley is investigating a murder in a public school. When the wife of one of the masters is found bludgeoned to death, Smiley, out of loyalty to an old friend, agrees to look into the case.
€ 23,95
This tense, thrilling dramatisation perfectly captures the atmosphere of le Carré’s masterful début novel, which introduced his most famous character, George Smiley.
€ 11,95
It is 1962: the height of the Cold War. Alec Leamas is a British intelligence officer, his agents are either on the run or dead. Leamas is recalled to London where he’s offered a chance to have his revenge.
€ 13,95
13 november 2015:
Veel nieuwe spannende boeken bij Luisterrijk: Mooie meisjes van Karin Slaughter, Het pantserhart van Jo Nesbø, Last minute van Linda van Rijn en Morten van Anna Levander. Interesse in klassiekers? Luister naar De gedaanteverwisseling van Franz Kafka dat precies honderd jaar verscheen.