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About Luisterrijk (English)
About Luisterrijk (in English) The leading Benelux download shop for mp3 audio books
With over 1100 audio books and 17.000+ customers, Luisterrijk is the largest independent download shop for mp3 audio books in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Click here for audio books in English and/or to learn English for Dutch speakers. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Paypal. (Please note: all dialogs of the website are in Dutch; but you can try Google Translate to translate the rest of the site to English)

NEW! Download the English language version of Free, for free ofcourse. In Free, Chris Anderson (Editor in Chief of Wired Magazine, well known from the bestseller The Long Tail) explores this radical idea for the new global economy and demonstrates how this revolutionary price can be harnessed for the benefit of consumers and businesses alike.

Why audio books?
Audio books are ideally suited to people who are constantly on the go. A growing number of individuals are discovering the joys of listening to audio books while commuting, exercising or simply taking time off. Not surprisingly, the number of audio book publishers has grown rapidly in recent years.

Mp3 downloads
Luisterrijk offers audio books only as a mp3 download, we don't deliver cd's. The shop is open 24/7 and oOnce downloaded, the mp3 files are ready to play! As audio books are digital, they are easily transferred to your mp3 player, iPad or mobile telephone. You can even make a ‘hard copy’ by burning the audio file onto CD-ROM.

The perfect partner for an audio book publisher
From a publisher’s perspective, Luisterrijk is able to generate additional turnover without the need for additional investments. This not only applies to new titles, but also to audio books that are no longer sold on CD (which Luisterrijk will happily include in its selection in mp3 format).

Listening to books wherever you are
You probably face the same predicament as many other people who enjoy reading: you would love to devour more books, but simply don’t have the time. Before you know it, they start piling up on your bedside table, waiting to be prioritised. And what about that training course you’ve been meaning to attend?

Audio books offer a perfect solution by allowing you to make optimal use of ‘unproductive’ moments. Think, for example, of those car and train journeys, or the time you spend cooking, jogging, ironing, walking or cycling. Although the United States of America and Germany pioneered the market, audio books are becoming increasingly popular in other countries, including the Netherlands. Luisterrijk currently distributes a broad range of audio books to Dutch and Flemish consumers. The web shop offers mp3 downloads covering the following categories:

  • Courses and professional training

  • Business and management

  • Body and soul

  • (Formal) lectures

  • Radio and stage plays

  • Books for young people and children

  • Non fiction

  • Poetry

  • Novels and literature

  • Although most audio books at Luisterrijk are in the Dutch language, we offer a growing number of audio books in English and/or to learn English.

    In addition to operating a download shop, which includes a growing number of titles, Luisterrijk distributes its own newsletter, offers interview podcasts and makes available samples of all new titles.

    Publishers, joining is easy!
    Do you publish audio books? If so, distributing your products via the Luisterrijk download shop and its partners is much easier than you might think. Luisterrijk operates a wholesale division called Luisterhuis that supplies digital downloads to the Luisterrijk shop and other webstores.
    The procedure to add your titles to Luisterhuis is straightforward and free of charge.

  • The Publisher and Luisterrijk / Luisterhuis enter into a distribution agreement;

  • Luisterrijk / Luisterhuis digitises all audio book CDs;

  • Where necessary, Luisterrijk / Luisterhuis adds images, metadata and descriptions;

  • The digital files are maintained by the Luisterhuis wholesale division, so all the connected shops (like receive the correct title information;

  • Luisterhuis settles outstanding royalties with the publisher on a quarterly basis.

  • The above procedure allows publishers of audio books to distribute their products via Luisterrijk without needing to invest capital. Our focus on quality and security ensures your products are in good hands. Over 90 Dutch and Belgian publishers currently distribute their audio books via Luisterrijk.

    Test the market? Luisterrijk offers publishers an inexpensive means of familiarising themselves with the comparatively new market for audio books. No expensive cd-duplication needed, you are only charged narration costs.

    Of course, other content owners, such as broadcasting companies, universities and authors, are also able to distribute their audio files via Luisterrijk. Provided you own the copyright and possess quality recordings of your audio books, (training) courses, lectures and/or radio plays, there is literally nothing to stop you.

    Luisterrijk has developed a system that allows publishers to access their (audio book) sales data at all times. As soon as an audio book is purchased, the publisher is able to retrieve the appropriate sales data via a restricted area of the Luisterhuis site.

    Security with proven social DRM
    Luisterrijk / Luisterhuis uses the pricewinning BooXtream social DRM security technology, to ensure your audio books are optimally protected, while maintaining 100% compatibility with all MP3 players. Only authorised visitors are entitled to download files. By embedding various visible and invisible data in the digital audio files, they can always be traced to the original buyer. Our technical experts would happily explain our technology during a personal meeting. If you require additional information, do not hesitate to contact us on + 31 23 7110398 or via

    Luisterrijk innovations
    In addition to being the first independent download shop in the Netherlands and Belgium, our website is based on the latest technology.

    • The size of an audio book is considerable (ranging from 80MB to 600MB for a 10-hour book). Unlike audio tracks, you cannot buy an audio book chapter-by-chapter. To make sure your audio books are accessed by the largest possible audience, including consumers with a slow internet connection, Luisterrijk offers buyers the opportunity to download books in their entirety, or in sections.

    • To create the largest possible audience, Luisterrijk only distributes audio books in mp3 format. As a consequence, the books can be played on any mp3 player, iPod, iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac. The file format adopted by Luisterrijk is more user-friendly than the WMA and AAC DRM formats developed by Microsoft and Apple respectively. Not all mp3 players are necessarily able to accommodate these file formats.

    • Rather than trouble publishers with complicated and expensive production requirements, Luisterrijk offers a free service for converting audio books to a high-quality download format. The unique audio books distributed by Luisterrijk also contain additional information, allowing clients to print their own CD covers. Moreover, we are the only download shop to prepare digital files specifically for mp3 players. As a result, chapter titles and book covers are always displayed.

    Interested to find out more?
    Head office
    A. Hofmanweg 5-a
    2031 BH Haarlem
    The Netherlands
    phone + 31–23-7110398
    fax + 31-23-7505123 (email address for publishers)

    Luisterrijk has developed and implemented a responsible consumer policy. The organisation is affiliated with, an industry association for companies that sell products and/or services via internet or (mail) catalogues.

    Luisterrijk is registered with the Gooi and Eemland Chamber of Commerce (under reference number 32116609). The Luisterrijk brand and logo are protected within the Benelux, and have been registered with the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property in The Hague, the Netherlands, under reference number 0813054. Luisterrijk is member of the Royal Dutch Association of Booksellers (KBb).


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