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Afrikaanse kortverhale Volume 1

My neighbour, Krismis in die vrystaat, Verraad in die blou dieptes
3 Afrikaanse kortverhale: 'My neighbour', 'Krismis in die vrystaat' en 'Verraad in die blou dieptes'. Afrikaans





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3 Afrikaanse kortverhale:
My neighbour,
Krismis in die vrystaat,
Verraad in die blou dieptes.

Over de auteurs
Japie Bogaards matriculated in 1970. After finishing his military training he started studying at the University of Potchefstroom (Noordwes). He finished his B Comm degree in 1974 and a B Comm Houners degree in Business Economics in 1975.

He started writing as a hobby in 2001and attended the yearly writing course presented by the ATKV in 2003 at Potchefstroom. In 2007 he started studying a Masters Degree in Creative Writing which he completed in 2010. His mentor is the well known author and poet Prof. Henning Pieterse. In 2008 he received a bursary from LAPA Publishers to support him with his studies.

His debut novel Tussen middernag en dagbreek is currently with LAPA Publishers. A collection of short stories will be completed before June 2011. A short story Onthou? has been published by Maskew Miller Longman. He won second prize for the short story ’n Houthuisie met rooi spikkelgordyne in a competition sponsored by the Bloemfontein Skrywersvereniging.

“For me, writing is a way to express the peace I found after a very difficult period in my life. But of course it is not all about peace. It is also about falling and staggering to your feet. Ultimately, writing for me, became a lifeline to survive in the storms that threatened to tear my life apart.”
- Japie Bogaards
Eric Möller is primarily a painter and sculptor who enjoys writing in his spare time. He has widely exhibited his artwork and is represented in private and corporate collections in countrywide and internationally. He addresses a wide variety of themes in his work and expresses these in many different styles and mediums.

He studied literature at the University of Pretoria, which explains his passion for this art form. His literary themes revolve around daily life experiences, personal and social. More often than not his characters are everyday, down-to-earth people, with just a touch of ‘quirkiness’ in their personalities. His writings are predominantly humorous, albeit satirical and imbued with innuendo. Often the reader will come across a delightful, ponderous ‘twist in the tail’ at the end of a story. He recently spent some months painting in Paris and his experiences of this residency have been captured in a romping roller-coaster ride of written memoirs.

Möller also has some background in the performing arts and has been involved with both stage productions and voice-overs, reading – for this collection – his own stories.
Tania Fourie was born in 1965. Due to her love of children she qualified as a teacher and became the principal of the Snip-en-Wip Nursery School.

She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1995 and her only child (a daughter) was born in 1996.

By 2000 she was a quadriplegic. She didn’t allow the disease to get her down but enrolled for a writing course during which she completed the manuscript, Verraad in die blou dieptes. She is currently writing Mieke Viljoen – skansmuur vir eerste liefde, Wanda se lief en leed and Jakobus Vos spel kattekwaad, the story of a young boy living on a farm.


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