B. J. Harrison Reads Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp

Auteur Anonymous
Voorlezer B. J. Harrison
Speelduur 5u 8m 54s
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Aladdin is a boy, who lives in poverty with his mother. One day, while he is playing outside, an African magician approaches him and claims that he is Aladdin’s uncle. The mysterious man tricks the boy to work for him by promising him wealthy rewards. Aladdin agrees after having gotten his mother's permission. The African man instructs the boy to enter a dark cave and fetch him an oil lamp and Aladdin jumps into the cave to finds it. However, the boy refuses to pass it to the magician before he is helped out of the cave and back into daylight. In his rage, the magician traps Aladdin inside the cave.

Who is the magician that visits Aladdin and are his intentions good? Why does he want Aladdin particularly to bring him the oil lamp? In fact, what is this lamp? Does it have any magical abilities? How is Aladdin going to escape from the trap in which he has been caught?

Do not hesitate to embark on this journey to find the answers to these exciting questions.


UitgeverSAGA Egmont
Publicatiedatum 3 november 2020
ISBN 9788726572759
Taal Engels
Speelduur 5u 8m 54s
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