B. J. Harrison Reads Silver Blaze

Auteur Arthur Conan Doyle
Voorlezer B. J. Harrison
Speelduur 59m 2s
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Sherlock Holmes is at the stables of Colonel Ross in Dartmoor. He has an especially important mission to investigate the disappearance of Silver Blaze, titular horse and a famous winner. It is not enough that the champion is gone, but his trainer, John Straker, has apparently been murdered. After carefully examining the crime scene, Holmes follows the horse’s footprints to the neighbor stables, where he tries to get more information from Silas Brown. After the conversation Holmes assures Colonel Ross that another horse, Silver Flame, is ready to participate in the race later that day.

What exactly happened with John Straker and who murdered him? Where is Silver Blaze and was the horse killed as well? Will Sherlock Holmes make another great reveal to another complicated case?

This short story about crimes, mystery and investigation was published in 1892.


UitgeverSAGA Egmont
Publicatiedatum 3 november 2020
ISBN 9788726573367
Taal Engels
Speelduur 59m 2s
Bestandsgrootte 41 MB
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Over de auteur
Arthur Conan Doyle