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About Luisterrijk (English)
About Luisterrijk (in English) The leading Benelux download shop for digital audiobooks
With approx 4000 audiobooks and 25.000+ customers, Luisterrijk is the largest independent download shop for digital audiobooks in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Click here for audiobooks in English and/or to learn English for Dutch speakers. We accept Visa, Mastercard, AmEx and Paypal. (Please note: all dialogs of the website are in Dutch; but you can try Google Translate to translate the rest of the site to English)

Give it a try
Download the English language version of Free, for free of course. In Free, Chris Anderson (Editor in Chief of Wired Magazine, well known from the bestseller The Long Tail) explores this radical idea for the new global economy and demonstrates how this revolutionary price can be harnessed for the benefit of consumers and businesses alike.

A free app for Android and iOS, and MP3 downloads
After buying an audiobook in our webshop, iOS and Android users should use our dedicated app to download and play the book. In addition, Luisterrijk offers audiobooks as MP3 downloads (multiple MP3 files, usually a chapter per file, packed in a single ZIP file for easy download).
We don't offer cd's.

Our catalogue offers titles in the following categories:

  • Audio tours

  • Business and management

  • Courses and professional training

  • Body and soul

  • (Formal) lectures

  • Radio plays and stage plays

  • Books for young aduts and children

  • Non fiction

  • Poetry

  • Novels and literature

  • Thrillers

  • Although most audiobooks at Luisterrijk are in the Dutch language, we offer a growing number of audiobooks in English and/or to learn English.

    Do you publish audiobooks?
    If you want to sell your audiobook in the Luisterrijk webshop, please contact Luisterhuis. This digital audiobook distributor delivers audiobooks to us. Luisterhuis handles the distribution, reporting and payout for all Dutch audiobook publishers. Contact

    Find out more?
    Luisterrijk BV / Luisterhuis
    A. Hofmanweg 5a
    2031 BH Haarlem
    The Netherlands

    Luisterrijk is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under reference number 50326686. The Luisterrijk brand and logo are protected within the Benelux, and have been registered with the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property in The Hague, the Netherlands, under reference number 0813054. Luisterrijk is member of the Royal Dutch Association of Booksellers (KBb). Luisterrijk is member of, the eCommerce branch member association for the Dutch online market. For online merchants operating on the Dutch eCommerce Market it is a 'must-have' membership.


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