Richard T. Griffiths

Professor dr. Richard T. Griffiths (1948) obtained his BSc (Econ) in Economic History and Russian Studies from University College Swansea (1970) and his PhD in History from Cambridge University (1977).

He taught European Studies at UMIST (Manchester) before being appointed to the chair of Economic and Social History at the Free University, Amsterdam. In 1987 he became Professor of Contemporary History at the European University Institute, Florence, where he directed the Institute's research project of the history of European integration. In 1995 he returned to the Netherlands as professor of Economic and Social History at Leiden University.

Professor Griffiths undertakes research on 19th and 20th century economic history and on historical and contemporary aspects of European integration. His recent works include European Reconstruction: a comparison between post-war Europe and post-Soviet Russia (Moscow, 2003, in Russian) and Europe's First Constitution: the European Political Community, 1952-1954 (London, 2000).