Tjideng Reunion

A Memoir of World War II on Java
SerieHolocaust/WWII memoirs deel 6
Auteur Boudewijn van Oort
Spreker Alex Hyde White
Speelduur 23u 20m 18s
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Tjideng Reunion is set against the backdrop of World War II in the Pacific theater. In 1940 as World War II is raging in Europe, Boudewijn van Oort Sr., a Dutch immigrant living with his wife Wilhelmina and young son Boudewijn Jr. (the author) in South Africa, decides to move his family to the Dutch colony of the Dutch East Indies, today known as the Republic of Indonesia.

Van Oort Sr. made the move wanting to support and strengthen his mother country Holland against Japan, the threatening and belligerent aggressor. Two years after having settled down comfortably on the island of Java, Japan invades the entire Dutch East Indies archipelago. The van Oort family and their friends get caught up in the brutal war of the Pacific.

This story follows the fate of the van Oort family and their friends. They miraculously survive the Japanese prison camps, only to find that after they return to South Africa as refugees, the political landscape has shifted in their absence into a direction van Oort Sr. finds unacceptable. The political and military events that dramatically unfold around the family, change the course of their lives forever.


ImprintHolocaust/WWII memoirs
Publicatiedatum 10 november 2021
ISBN 9781947940734
Taal Engels
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Speelduur 23u 20m 18s
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Recensies uit de pers

"Amazing story of human determination and survival. This is something that needs to be remembered. The book pays tribute to the many who did not survive and it honors those who did. Thank you Mr Van Oort for sharing your experience. 5.0 out of 5 stars" (Yetti Smith)

"I never dreamed to see Photographs and descriptions of memories of 75 years ago so realisticly written.! Oh, yes, I remember it well. I was in both camps, I came to Holland in April 1946 on the Boschfontein...Fascinating to finally know what happened outside our prisonwalls historically and politically.. The book brings closure to a dark era in my life. It ! !is extremely well documented . Oma is not just telling stories anymore. Thank you Mr van Oort. A must read for the next generation." (Johanna Smith)

"My grandmother, father, uncle and aunt were interned in camp Tjideng. My grandfather, a POW, was put to work at the Birma Railroad. They all survived, grandmother was in the 'hospital' at Tjideng, when the war finally ended, in the nick of time for her, because before, camp commander Sone(i) had the sick and dying regularly moved out of the camp hospital to die took a year for all the swelling from her hunger edema to go down....don't know how she managed by herself with 3 very young children, after reading this book I'm in even more awe of her.....Thank you Boudewijn van Oort for writing this history. My grandparents and father didn't want to talk about their camp experiences, it came out in bits and pieces, and now it's pieced together." (Santa Clara Fran)

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Over de auteur

Boudewijn van Oort was born in South Africa but his earliest childhood memories are from the Dutch East indies whither they immigrated (or fled) in May 1940. They survived the war and internment by the Japanese and returned to South Africa as refugees. The lessons his parents learned from this misadventure affected their reaction to the introduction of the Apartheid policies in South Africa after 1948, and they moved again to Canada. Starting a new life in Canada was much, much harder than it had been in South Africa or the Dutch East Indies, but they are still here.

In 1962 he won a Rhodes Scholarship, probably the only one who could claim having been a child prisoner and owing his prison camp survival in part on the consumption of what passed for "bread" in that camp, with a vital ingredient made from the urine of his father and other fellow male prisoners. It was the realization of the remarkable nature of this story that prompted him to write the book "Tjideng Reunion".

His professional life had mainly been that of a Petroleum Engineer, utilizing his first, Science degree, but upon retirement he was able to devote his energies to pursue the book writing interest that had been awakened in him by earning his Arts degree in Oxford with the study of history. He was exceptionally fortunate to have as modern history tutor, Sir Martin Gilbert of Merton College, who at that time had just been appointed the official biographer of Sir Winston Churchill. Without that personal encouragement this remarkable story would never have been told.

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