His Dog

Auteur Albert Payson Terhune
Voorlezer Roger Melin
Speelduur 3u 10m 3s
€ 8,99


"His Dog" is a story about Link Ferris who finds an injured dog on his way home one evening. He knows nothing about dogs, but nurses it back to health and the two form a bond such as only can be formed between human and canine. Unable to locate the collie's owner, Link christens his dog 'Chum', the latter becoming invaluable in tending to the daily needs of his meager farm.
Unknown to Ferris however, Chum's original owners have been looking for their lost collie, and the story finds Link torn between that which he knows is morally right and his love for what he believes has become his dog.


UitgeverSAGA Egmont
Publicatiedatum 6 augustus 2020
ISBN 9788726471847
Taal Engels
Speelduur 3u 10m 3s
Bestandsgrootte 131 MB
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Over de auteur
Albert Payson Terhune