Hell on the Eastern Front

SerieA World at War - Stories from WWII deel 6
Auteur World History
Voorlezer Sam Devereaux
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German tanks rolled unimpeded across the Russian steppes at the start of Hitler’s campaign against the Soviet Union. But in 1943, the so-called Slavic "untermensch" (subhumans) gain the initiative and transform the country into a hell for Hitler’s invasion forces. Nearly 100,000 Germans are captured after the Battle of Stalingrad at the beginning of the year. Ahead lies cold, hunger and ill-treatment, and only five percent of prisoners will return to Germany after the war. In mid-July the Red Army decisively defeats the Wehrmacht in history’s greatest tank battle. Hitler’s Tiger and Panther tanks are too heavy and slow against the Soviets’ more nimble T-34. Stalin’s counteroffensive costs millions of soldiers their lives, but men are an infinite resource for the Red Army. Fired up by thoughts of revenge, the Russians soon mass on the borders of the Third Reich.

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UitgeverSAGA Egmont
Publicatiedatum 8 december 2020
ISBN 9788726626131
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World History