The Other Side of Sales

An insider reveals the secrets to dealing with professional buyers
Auteur Mark Schenkius
Voorlezer Mark Schenkius
Speelduur 2u 24m 57s
€ 16,99


Whether it is in sports, in games or in business, the ones who are most successful are often the ones who know how to think like their opponent. And especially in the continuously evolving world of buying and selling, will these insights truly make the difference. Want to put an end to lost sales or decreasing margins? Re-think the relationship with your buyer.
In The Other Side of Sales author Mark Schenkius crosses over to the other side of the table and shares his secrets from almost two decades of experience in negotiations and procurement.

Packed with new content, fresh insights and a unique set of 47 questions, this book is undeniably a game-changer for any sales professional.


Publicatiedatum 23 januari 2020
ISBN 9789462552333
Taal Engels
Speelduur 2u 24m 57s
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Over de auteur
Mark Schenkius

Mark Schenkius is founder of ROI10, a training and consultancy firm focused on sales, procurement and negotiations. He has developed an extensive experience in training sales and procurement teams by working for Mars Inc. and with other multinationals. He is also lecturer Business Economics at Fontys University of Applied Science and author of The Other Side of Sales

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