Trust me, I'm a salesman

How to Earn Customers through Trust and Value
Auteur Yuri van der Sluis
Voorlezer Yuri van der Sluis
Speelduur 2u 27m 2s
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After training thousands of B2B Sales people worldwide, Yuri van der Sluis packed the essence of value and trust selling in 30 cartoons. This book offers an entertaining and practical approach to a chieving success in sales, by being the exact opposite of the Wolf of Wall Street: a Top Sales Dog instead of a Sales Wolf. Put the customer front and center in their buying process and sell by building trust and providing value. Ethical sales means not just angling to seal the deal, but focusing on the relationship and your customer as a whole. You won't have to lie, cheat and manipulate your way into business. Wouldn't it be great to see that customers keep coming back, because doing business with you is a good thing?!

This book will help you to:
* sell the right way by building on your integrity and content
* inject value in the sales process
* earn customer trust
* get customer commitment
* stand out compared to all the Sales Wolves out there.

You will be guided throughout a typical B2B sales process, showing the major differences between the wolf and the dog.


Publicatiedatum 26 oktober 2018
ISBN 9789463270779
Taal Engels
Speelduur 2u 27m 2s
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Recensies uit de pers

'This book can help you transition to a value-added resource for your prospects and clients. In a world where our clients are getting hundreds of emails a day asking for a meeting - using the tools outlined in this book can help you stand above the rest of those emails and get the meeting. This book details every stage in the sales process from preparing for the first call to engaging the prospect, dealing with roadblocks through closing the deal and the many steps in-between. Through a very clever way, the author compares the Wolf (old way of selling) to the Dog (new way of selling) and takes the reader on a journey of making changes to your sales pitch to ultimately win more details and have trusted ongoing client relationships.'

Over de auteur
Photo Yuri van der Sluis
Yuri van der Sluis

Yuri van der Sluis geeft onder de naam YuTrain sinds 2006 trainingen aan professionele verkopers. Hij traint de verkopers van zowel kleine als grote ondernemingen in binnen- en buitenland. Vóór YuTrain was hij ruim tien jaar werkzaam in uiteenlopende verkoopfuncties bij bedrijven als ABT en Forrester.

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