A Stateless Foreigner in Wartime Japan
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Auteur Isaac Shapiro
Spreker Isaac Shapiro
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In 1926, professional musicians Constantine Shapiro, born in Moscow, 1896 and Lydia Chernetsky (Odessa, 1905) met and married in Berlin, Germany after their respective families had suffered continuous persecution in war-torn Russia, or the Soviet Union, as it was known after 1922. With Hitler’s national socialism on the rise, remaining in Berlin was for the newly-weds out of the question and they decided to continue their odyssey, first to Palestine, then China, to ultimately spend the World War II years in the relative safety of Japan.

In 1931, they found themselves in Japan, where Isaac, son number four and author of this memoir, was born. A few years later, with World War II imminently looming, and the subsequent bombing of Pearl Harbor, their lives were disrupted once again. In 1944, the Yokohama shore was banned for foreigners and the Shapiro family including their five children, were forced to move to Tokyo, where they survived endless hardships, among others the intensified strategic United States bombing campaigns on Tokyo. Operation Meetinghouse started March 9, 1945 and is regarded as the single most destructive bombing raid in human history. The Japanese later called the operation the Night of the Black Snow. During the subsequent American occupation of Japan, 14-year-old Isaac, being multi lingual, was hired as an interpreter by John Calvin ‘Toby’ Munn, a United States Marine colonel, (later promoted to Lt. Gen.) who, when the war was over, paved the way for Isaac, or Ike as he soon became known, to immigrate to the United States. In the summer of 1946, Isaac landed in Hawaii, at the time a United States territory, altering the course of his life forever.


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Recensies uit de pers

"This is one of the best books I've ever read. I can't thank the author enough for having written it.
Isaac 'Ike' Shapiro was born in Japan in 1931, the child of Russian emigrants. They had fled Russia after the 1917 Revolution and originally settled in Harbin, China but later moved to Japan. This fascinating story tells what it was like to live in Japan during World War II with little food, bombing raids, and forced evacuation from their home. Fluent in Japanese, Russian and English Mr. Shapiro truly lived through history during this time period.
I nearly screamed out loud when he began to describe the area of Yokohama where he went to school....I lived right there in the fourth grade as an Army Brat. I won't give away the rest but Mr. Shapiro had an incredible childhood and witnessed truly historical events. He made me recognize the value of living all over the world and going to fourteen different schools." (Judith H. Scott)

"I loved this book. It was emotional and wonderful. I lived in Japan during and after WWII. Everything was true. Mr. Shapro should write another one!" (kita no cho)

"A marvelous account of WWII Japan from the unique perspective of a brilliant boy - son of Russian jews, born in Tokyo - whose intrepid nature sees him follow a most unlikely and almost surreal path through the war's end and to a new life beyond. Both charming and illuminating, this story of historic adventure is highly recommended." (Paul Micou)

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Isaac Shapiro (1931) was born in Tokyo, Japan. He came to the United States in 1946 and became an American citizen in 1951 while serving in the U.S. Army.

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