Homesick for Kenya

An expat's memoir
SerieMemoirs by
Auteur Tob Cohen
Voorlezer Alex Hyde White
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In 1987 Tob Cohen relocated as director of Philips East Africa from Holland to Nairobi, Kenya where he moved with his college sweetheart wife. In accordance with an unwritten rule of this Catholic company, he was recalled due to his divorce. However, Cohen had his heart pledged to Kenya and he decided to return. Nairobi had become his home. This is the story of a Dutch national living in Africa who chose the unknown over the security of a very fortunate career at Philips, one of the largest multi-national companies in the world. By believing in himself and without doubting himself for a moment, Cohen made a fresh start and launched his own company. He married a Kikuyu woman and got to know the traditions of the country. However, his success and his combative attitude did not leave him without enemies. In fact, he was proud of the number of enemies who died, albeit he explains, not because of him. In his memoir Cohen describes his public and personal life filled with trials and tribulations.

Publicatiedatum 18 november 2020
ISBN 9781947940598
Taal Engels
Speelduur 3u 35m 18s
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Over de auteur
Tob Cohen

Tob Cohen (1949-2019) was ondernemer en voormalig topman bij Philips. In 1987 werd hij uitgezonden naar Kenia als directeur Philips Oost-Afrika. Hij ging met zijn vrouw in Nairobi wonen. Na zijn scheiding bleef hij wonen in Kenia, hertrouwde en bouwde een eigen bedrijf op. Tob Cohen kwam in 2019 in het nieuws toen hij vermoord werd gevonden in een watertank.

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