Viking Tales and Legends

Auteur J. M. Gardner
Spreker Katie Haigh
Speelduur 1u 14m 11s
€ 5,99


Viking Tales, 10 classic children's stories. Myths & Legends from the Land of Ice and Fire : The Sea Fight, Olaf's Fight With Havard, The Tooth Thrall, The Baby, Harald is King, Harald's Battle ; KING HALFDAN lived in Norway long ago. One morning his queen said to him: "I had a strange dream last night. I thought that I stood in the grass before my bower. I pulled a thorn from my dress. As I held it in my fingers, it grew into a tall tree. The trunk was thick and red as blood, but the lower limbs were fair and green, and the highest ones were white. I thought that the branches of this great tree spread so far that they covered all Norway and even more."


UitgeverSAGA Egmont
Publicatiedatum 1 april 2022
ISBN 9782821124592
Taal Engels
Soort audioLuisterboek
Speelduur 1u 14m 11s
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