The Princess Passes

SerieWorld Classics
Auteur Charles Norris Williamson, Alice Muriel Williamson
Voorlezer Grant Hurlock
Speelduur 11u 33m 9s
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"The girl's reputation as a beauty had marched before her, blowing trumpets. She was the prettiest girl in Davos, as she had been the prettiest in London; and I shared with other normal, self-respecting men the amiable weakness of wishing to monopolise the woman most wanted by others. During the process I fell in love, and Helen was kind."

A wealthy American heiress nicknamed the Manitou Princess flees to Europe after discovering that her fiancé is only marrying her for her money. She sets out on a tour of the Alps and declares she hates all men. Yet that statement is soon put to trial when she meets Monty Lane, an equally heart-broken English lord.

Charles Norris Williamson (1859-1920) and Alice Muriel Williamson (1858-1933) were a married couple of writer. Charles was originally from Exeter in the United Kingdom and Alice was from Cleveland, Ohio. Alice moved to the Britain in 1892, working as a correspondant for the Boston Evening. There she met Charles, who was then a renowned magazine editor, and the pair married in 1894. She convinced him to appear as the co-author of many of her novels, although she later said she was their sole author.


UitgeverSAGA Egmont
Publicatiedatum 7 augustus 2020
ISBN 9788726471892
Taal Engels
Speelduur 11u 33m 9s
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Over de auteur
Charles Norris Williamson