Baseball Joe on the School Nine

Auteur Lester Chadwick
Voorlezer Donald Cummings
Speelduur 4u 39m 29s
€ 8,99


"Baseball Joe" Matson's great ambition is to go to boarding school and play on the school team. Joe is a wide-awake country boy who loves playing baseball above all. He and his hometown chum Tom Davis enrol in Excelsior Hall and join the school nine. When not on the diamond, Joe is saving lives and assisting his father against the foes who are once trying to steal Mr. Matson's machinery patents.

This is the second volume volume in the "Baseball Joe" series.


UitgeverSAGA Egmont
Publicatiedatum 25 augustus 2020
ISBN 9788726472943
Taal Engels
Speelduur 4u 39m 29s
Bestandsgrootte 194 MB
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Over de auteur
Lester Chadwick