B.J. Harrison Reads The 200,000 Franc Reward

B.J. Harrison Reads The 200,000 Franc Reward

From the books that inspired the new Netflix series "Lupin" with Omar Sy. There is a mystery to be solved...



Maurice Leblanc


B.J. Harrison


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From the books that inspired the new Netflix series "Lupin" with Omar Sy.

There is a mystery to be solved. A baroness and a great deal of money have disappeared from Paris, and neither her husband nor the police can find any trace of her. Enter the infamous Arsene Lupin, master thief, gentleman burglar and greatest criminal mind of all time.

"The 200,000 Franc Reward" is a story about robbery, betrayal, and criminal investigation, great for readers who want to dive into a classic detective series, set against the backdrop of Paris during the Belle Époque. Perfect for fans of Sherlock Holmes or Edgar Allan Poe’s C. Auguste Dupin.

B. J. Harrison started his Classic Tales Podcast back in 2007, soaring to the top of the iTunes charts. He masterfully breathes life back into literary classics and plays with a wide array of voices and accents and has produced over 500 audiobooks. His productions of P. G. Wodehouse’s Jeeves series and Shakespeare’s Hamlet are regularly seen at the top of audiobook charts.

Now in collaboration with SAGA Egmont, his engaging narration of these famous stories is available to readers everywhere.

Maurice Leblanc was a French author during the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. He lived in Paris during the Belle Époque, and his literary legacy consists of novels and short stories. Though he wrote two well-received science fiction novels, he was most famous for his gentleman thief adventure series, Arsene Lupin.

Thought to be based on the life of anarchist Marius Jacob, who had a very public trial in 1905, Lupin is a whip-smart, witty, and roguishly handsome master of disguise. Leblanc was compared to Arthur Conan Doyle throughout his career, and he even wrote a series of novellas where Lupin is introduced to and subsequently outwits the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes.

Arsene Lupin has inspired many spin-offs including the hugely successful Japanese manga series "Lupin III" and a new Netflix series "Lupin" starring Omar Sy.



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SAGA Egmont


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