December 2: Winter Wedding - An Erotic Christmas Calendar

SerieErotic Christmas Calendar deel 2
Auteur My Lemon
Spreker Christina May
VertalerEmma Ericson
Speelduur 45m 58s
€ 5,99


Ronja travels to a village where her best friend, Wilda, is getting married. Although she always preferred the city, Rojna is amazed by the place – it’s full of snow and surrounded by nature. She promises the bride-to-be that she won't do anything crazy, but when she meets Felix, a heat of passion takes hold of her. Will she be able to keep her promise?

My Lemon is a writer who has lived many different lives despite her young age. Through travel, movies, books and not least LARP, she finds inspiration for her erotic stories that can range from a simple one night stand to advanced BDSM games.


UitgeverSAGA Egmont
Publicatiedatum 2 december 2021
ISBN 9788726700268
Taal Engels
Soort audioLuisterboek
Speelduur 45m 58s
Bestandsgrootte 32 MB
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