Call You Right Back, Mum

Call You Right Back, Mum

"She did not call back. Nor will she, ever again. How I started loathing those two little words, never again." In a heartbeat everything can change...


Wanda Beemsterboer


Rachel Atkins


Annemiek van den Bosch


7 uur 31 min

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"She did not call back. Nor will she, ever again. How I started loathing those two little words, never again."

In a heartbeat everything can change. This is the gripping, true story of how a young woman was murdered and a family lost a daughter.

Like most young girls her age Nadine lives a life filled with family, friends and thoughts about the future. At seventeen she meets Gerold and they fall in love.

But a darkness gradually falls upon their relationship and after almost three years Nadine calls the relationship off. Gerold does not accept this decision and keeps contacting her, despite her rejecting his advances.

Yet, one day in December 2006 he manages to lure her to his house one more time. A visit that turns out to be fatal. With countless stabs he brutally ends her young life. Not long after, he is caught and sentenced to 12 years in prison and afterwards a treatment facility for mentally ill prisoners.

In 2009 Gerold sends a letter to Nadine’s family, where he apologizes and pleads for them to meet with him.

"Call You Right Back, Mum" is the life story of Nadine, written by her mother Wanda. It deals with everything from pregnancy to that fatal moment where her life ended. In the book she follows up on the reconstruction, the trial and the sentencing. Furthermore, this revised 16th edition includes the killer’s letter to the family and the family’s recollection of what happened after receiving it.

Wanda Beemsterboer-Avenarius published the book "Call You Right Back, Mum" in 2010, and since then more than 23,000 copies have been sold, now also in English.This is the revised 16th edition. The book serves as an ode to Nadine, but can also help other young girls in abusive relationships.

Nadine's parents and sister founded the Nadine Foundation in 2007 against senseless violence and to promote animal welfare. In 2014, Wanda and Jacques received the Right of Speaking Award from the Herstel & Terugkeer Foundation for the book and for their work with the Nadine Foundation.



SAGA Egmont


SAGA Egmont


25 augustus 2021






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