Small Town Secrets

Small Town Secrets

Stepping off the Greyhound bus, I look at the town glinting in the distance beyond a crystal-clear mountain lake...



Alys Murray


Olivia Kustermans


7 uur 18 min

€ 11,99


Stepping off the Greyhound bus, I look at the town glinting in the distance beyond a crystal-clear mountain lake. The lines I’ve memorized from the ad are on repeat in my mind: accommodation and employment provided to women willing to relocate to a historic town with a shortage of women.

When Virginia first sees the ad, her breath catches. Female? Check. Small-town seclusion needed? Check. Currently without a home or a job? Check and check. She dabs an extra layer of concealer over the bruise on her cheek, bundles up her belongings, and her secrets, and escapes her life in Savannah.

But arriving at Fortune Springs, Colorado, Virginia realizes that her plan to lay low and heal her tattered heart won’t stand up against the prying questions from Calla, the brusque older woman who gives her a place to live. She’s on the brink of leaving when Calla’s twelve-year-old granddaughter arrives at the house, abandoned and alone. Virginia recognizes the feeling, and she realizes she can’t be another adult to let the girl down. Then there’s the handsome, aloof firefighter Owen, whose company is giving her a whole ’nother reason to stay...

But when she returns one day from a walk amongst the wildflowers to find a face from her past waiting for her, Virginia realizes that a secret she’s kept has exposed the people around her to a new world of danger. Can she find the strength to fight for the life, and love, she’s found in Fortune Springs?

An emotional, gripping story full of family drama. Fans of Carolyn Brown, Robyn Carr and Debbie Macomber will be hooked.

Readers love Alys Murray:
"Swept me away in its warmth. I couldn’t stay away until I finished... feels and fun, family and love." Goodreads reviewer

"Fabulous. Will remain with you long after you’ve reached the last page... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED." Brook Cottage Books Blog

"The warmth of the story enveloped my soul." Goodreads reviewer

"Full of lovely characters, witty dialogue and wonderful settings, the kind of place where you’d like to live." Goodreads reviewer

The first book featuring the Anderson family, The Magnolia Sisters, reached #40 in the US top 100. Alys' previous title, The Christmas Company, was turned into a Hallmark movie

For fans of Jenny Hale, Debbie Macomber and Carolyn Brown

Alys Murray writes novels for the romantic in all of us. Born and raised in New Orleans, she received her BFA from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and her Master's in Film Studies from King's College London. Though she's moved away from home, she'll always be a Southern girl at heart.



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SAGA Egmont


2 augustus 2022






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