Stories from the Golden Age: Danger in the Dark
Stories from the Golden Age: Danger in the Dark

Stories from the Golden Age: Danger in the Dark

A multicast performance - Unabridged

Billy Newman has purchased a South Seas island only to discover it’s haunted by the giant shark-god Tadamona. Unfortunately the sharp-toothed entity wants more than ritual sacrifice; it’s bent on destroying the entire island.

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After Billy Newman strikes gold while mining in the Philippines, he believes Lady Luck favors him so much that he buys his own South Seas island for a bargain price... or so he thinks.

But when the natives fall ill from plague and crops start failing, the tribal chiefs blame Billy for angering the local god Tadamona. Their solution: sacrifice a beautiful young girl before the 75-foot god. Appalled, Billy argues to stop the ritual, but the chiefs demand he cure their ills in just one day or allow the killing to go forward. Desperate, he denies that the deity even exists and dares Tadamona to show himself. Not only does Billy get his wish, he draws a beastly wrath upon the entire island.

Also includes the fantasy stories The Room and He Didn't Like Cats

Escape to new dimensions in the full-cast version of Danger in the Dark featuring Karen Black. Also starring R.F. Daley, Christina Huntington, Jim Meskimen, Gino Montesinos, Noelle North and Josh R. Thompson.

Each production is packed with music and cinema-quality sound effects, putting you right into the heart of the story.



Galaxy Press


Galaxy Press


28 januari 2011






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