Stories from the Golden Age: Yukon Madness

Stories from the Golden Age: Yukon Madness

A multicast performance - Unabridged

Canadian Mountie McKenna sets off on the trail of a brutal madman and his pack of bloodthirsty wolves across the frozen wilderness of the Yukon. But in order to get to his prey, he must first contend with an exotic woman.

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Itauk the Madman has spread death to the Yukon, throwing the bodies of his victims to his sled team of twelve wolves. Tracking him down are Canadian Mountie Tommy McKenna and his partner Simmons. But when the pair separate to hunt for food, Itauk attacks Simmons and lets his wolves make an unmentionable feast that Tommy later discovers on his return to camp.

Enraged, Tommy follows the maniac's trail to a village and en route he meets an enchanting Eskimo woman named Kaja. Of course, the route's a trap set by Itauk, and the only one who can save Tommy is Kaja—engaged to be wed to the ruthless killer, who plans to serve the Mountie as the next meal for his personal wolf pack.

Also includes the adventure stories The Cossack and The Small Boss of Nunaloha

Charge into all the action in the full-cast version of Yukon Madness featuring Jason Faunt. Also starring R.F. Daley, Keli Daniels, Christina Huntington, James King, Jim Meskimen, Enn Reitel, Richard Rocco, Tait Ruppert and Max Williams.

Each production is packed with music and cinema-quality sound effects, putting you right into the heart of the story.



Galaxy Press


Galaxy Press


28 januari 2011






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