I Saw Her Dancing in Paris - Erotic Short Story

Auteur Alexandra Södergran
Voorlezer Lily Ward
Speelduur 24m 24s
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"Eventually she lost control of herself, and when she kissed me, it was with a passion which felt as if it had been trapped inside her as if she had never been able to release it until then. There was so much love being expressed that my heart almost imploded."

Our heroine is walking around the streets of Paris. She is looking for something and wants to experience the heart of the city. And suddenly, outside a bistro, she meets Joanne. Joanne is enigmatic and beautiful, with hair as dark as night. Soon the city fades away, and all she sees and thinks about is wanting her.
"I saw her dancing in Paris" is a short story about female desire and euphoria, which vibrates with exciting encounters and the heartbeat of romantic Paris.

Alexandra Södergran is an anonymous Swedish author of erotic short stories. Her stories often deal with taboo topics in exciting and innovative ways. She has written more than twenty erotic short stories.


UitgeverSAGA Egmont
Publicatiedatum 3 juli 2020
ISBN 9788726299823
Taal Engels
Speelduur 24m 24s
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Over de auteur
Alexandra Södergran

Alexandra Södergran is een Zweedse anonieme schrijfster van novelles. Haar teksten behandelen vaak taboes op een spannende en vernieuwende manier. Ze interesseert zich vooral voor erotiek en ze eigent zich het genre toe op een manier die de lezer zowel verrast als amuseert.

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